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Thursday, December 11, 2014
Why Buy Local?

The key to maintaining a successful call center for your company could be as simple as “buying local”. This may just seem like a trendy buzz word, so you may ask, “Why is it better to have a locally-based call center?” While there is a myriad of reasons, it really boils down to this: having a local call center allows your business to reach optimum efficiency and quality in respect to workforce, time, and money.

Why are US-based call agents more efficient than those who are based overseas? It's pretty intuitive when you think about it-- they have their finger on the pulse of regional business concerns, they're unintentionally aware of local slang and accent, and they don't have to just sympathize with local concerns; they can empathize. All of these things can be highly impactful on the service that they give. Local call agents are also ideal if you are striving for a flexible and skilled workforce. They can better understand the urgency or local issues surrounding a business crisis because they're in the same area, same time zone, and same weather conditions as you. Local call center agents understand that a 3AM phone call isn't usually for scheduling an appointment-- it's urgent.

All of these factors play into local call centers delivering optimum customer service because a more skilled and flexible workforce is sure to deliver a more enjoyable and successful customer experience. So, if your business is looking for a way to achieve exceptional customer service and efficient practices, you should consider local call centers as a way to avoid having to struggle with time zones and overcome logistical, financial, and even language barriers.