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Business Answering Service

Having an answering service can save your business time and money. From after-hours answering to personalized messaging systems, our business answering service is custom-designed to fit your needs and exceed your expectations.

business answering service

Why Use an Answering Service?

Like any business, yours is probably looking to save money—cut costs, eliminate overhead, decrease spending—however you phrase it, it means the same thing. Though outsourcing your calls may not be the first cost-cutting measure that comes to mind, it deserves a deeper look.

  • Never Miss Another Call. Compare the staffing power of one person (receptionist, office administrator) versus the bandwidth of an entire answering service team. No matter how capable and efficient your employee is, a single person is bound to get multiple calls at once, get distracted, take a lunch, or simply send a call to voicemail—and that’s all during office hours! An answering service works 24/7/365 to ensure that your business never misses another call.
  • Save Money.You pay when you use us. It’s that simple. Unlike hiring a full-time receptionist, for whom you are responsible for benefits, vacation time, sick days, training periods, new technology, holiday pay, and numerous other expenses. An answering service keeps it simple—you pay by call. Busy month? Bigger bill. Slower month? Smaller bill. If nobody calls you on Christmas, you’re not paying to have someone on-call over the holidays.
  • Improve Customer Service. Hiring a service to be dedicated listeners, responsible note takers, and protocol followers means that every caller is treated with the utmost care and attention. An answering service’s job is to keep your customers happy—so that’s exactly what we do! Our professional staff is trained to be as cheerful, helpful, and accommodating as possible at all times. Rather than forwarding all calls to an overworked receptionist or office assistant, put your client calls in the hands of dedicated telephone agents.

Why Choose Us?

Answer All USA’s Business Answering Service is more than just a smart, convenient way to manage our after-hours calls. We provide a virtual receptionist to deliver first-class support to you and your customers. From message forwarding to appointment scheduling, our answering professionals are always on call, ready to provide exceptional customer service. Answer All USA also provides a personalized messaging dashboard online. This unique dashboard has many capabilities, including the following:

  • View and update your on-call schedule
  • Get summary reports of all messages
  • Modify your contact methods online (as often as you’d like!)