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Thursday, January 8, 2015

One of the most important aspects of business is its ability to innovate. It’s incredible the lengths that businesses go to differentiate themselves from the competition, when the solution could be as simple as changing a phone number. Vanity numbers have the potential to define a business and create a more convenient communication experience for customers.

In addition to this, vanity numbers are also cost-efficient and promote word-of-mouth advertising. In fact, studies show that vanity numbers have increased word-of-mouth by up to 200% and the percentage of returning customers is higher. Taking your business’ phone number from a random jumble of digits to words that are easy to remember and understand could be the key to attracting new customers.

Photo Credit: stevendepolo,
Flickr Creative Commons

Vanity numbers are worth their weight in gold. People make the mistake of believing that phone communication is obsolete in the presence of social media, but it is still an incredibly effective way to reach customers. Phones are still the easiest way to contact a business and there is a demand for phone numbers to be easy to remember.

To truly reap the benefits of a vanity number, you need to make sure that the word or phrase that your business uses encompasses what your business is about. Aside from adding a quirky aspect to your business, vanity numbers also act as a way to make your business seem more professional and sleek. Remember: you can spend all the money you want on advertising, but if there isn’t something to stimulate customers’ short-term memory your efforts will be for naught.