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Monday, December 29, 2014
What is Office Sharing?
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The most general definition of executive suites is a collection of offices used by various businesses. They can be a good option for various businesses, and help cater to needs that might not be met in other business settings.

Office sharing has many positives attributes. They can be a great way to bring a home-based business to the next level. Leases are often flexible, and offices are usually furnished for you. It fosters connections in a creative working community between like-minded people, and can also save you money in the long run. Everything from cleaning, maintenance, and administrative work is already included in your fees. If you are not just based in one location, some executive suite companies offer multiple locations that you can use during your travels. Overall, executive suites can give your customers a professional feel that they may not feel at an out-of-home office.

Besides customers liking the look of your new space, it is also important your customers receive the best service. Sometimes office suites will have full-time receptionists that will greet your customers and forward calls like an answering service. However, usually your receptionist is not working 24/7 like an answering service would be, and they are answering for everyone’s business located in your building. Therefore it is still important to think about an answering service for your business. That way, you can have someone answering your businesses calls in a personalized manner during all hours of the day.

It is up to you to decide if an executive suite rental would work for your business. No matter where you choose to host your company, what is most important is that your customers are happy and satisfied with their overall experience.