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Tuesday, December 2, 2014
Can't Work from Home? Try Shared Office Spaces
Photo Credit: Cummings Properties,
Flickr Creative Commons

In today’s business environment companies all over the world are looking for more cost effective ways to increase their productivity. One of the most common emerging techniques among small businesses is the utilization of shared office spaces, or executive rental suites. Sharing an office space is becoming increasingly popular as professionals can take their work on the go, and don’t always need to be bogged-down by a year-round office. Having a shared office space allows tenants to split overhead costs, freeing you up to use that extra money for things that benefit your business. Office sharing is ideal for startups and other small to medium-sized companies because it allows you to keep your costs under control, while still making it easy to step up to something bigger if you plan on growing in the future.

Cost savings isn't the only major benefit of office sharing, however. Flexibility, for instance, is one of the main advantages driving companies to sign up. While most traditional commercial offices often require a minimum of 12-14 month leases, shared office spaces can be rented out for as little as a month, week, or even a day or hour at a time if you just want to sneak in a quick meeting or workshop with a client. Not being tied down to long-term commitments is extremely desirable for a lot of companies; especially ones who are just starting to get their foot in the door.

Even companies where most of the business is done at home or out of a garage can benefit from an executive rental suite. Having a designated place to hold meetings and talk to clients is indispensible for the growth of your business. The professional image that an office set up brings to the table not only instills confidence in you, but the people that you are doing business with too.

Companies that rent out shared office spaces also tend to benefit from utilizing a virtual receptionist. With no permanent office, there is most likely no permanent secretary, and this can be a major setback for growing companies. With phone answering, message forwarding, and even appointment setting capabilities, companies can get all of the benefits of a receptionist without the burden of hiring a new employee. Virtual receptionist answering services are available 24/7/365, even nights, weekends, and holidays, and the best part is that you only have to pay for the time that they are actually being used talking on the phone. No salary, no benefits plans, just the most cost effective and efficient service out there. Utilizing a virtual receptionist answering service, on top of a shared office space, can be the best decision a company can make for the success of their business.