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Wednesday, November 5, 2014
Why Companies are Bringing Their Call Center Home
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When running any business, customer satisfaction should be your top priority. As a customer, one of the most frustrating aspects of dealing with a company can be their customer service. A large part of this problem is due to a trend of companies across the country who were outsourcing their customer service solutions to the lowest bidder, which more often than not ends up being overseas.

The trend of offshore outsourcing first began when companies didn’t view customer service as highly as they should have, and when the quality of something is no longer a top priority there is no second thought given to the idea of saving a ton of money by outsourcing overseas. Unfortunately this often resulted in poor customer service, and many more very unsatisfied customers. What started as a perceived lucrative practice to save money ended up hurting companies in the long run, and because of this we are now beginning to see a reversal in the trend.

Today more and more companies are realizing the true value of quality customer service, and going back to US-Based call centers. While there is some slight measurable monetary savings in going the offshore route, the role that a quality domestic call center agent plays in your customer relationships is invaluable in maintaining satisfied customers. Often times the phone lines are the only place that a customer interacts with your company, and that experience can have a major impact on what that customer thinks of your business. One negative experience can turn them away forever; do you really want to run that risk?

As the world get’s smaller and smaller, it is easy to be blinded by the short-term financial gain of cheap outsourcing. The companies that will stand the test of time, however, will be the ones that have their priorities in order, and always make sure that that they put customer satisfaction first. While the immediate benefits may not always be clearly laid out, the reputation of quality service will always pay off in the long run.