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Friday, October 31, 2014
Is Your Call Center All Tricks, No Treats?

Common Call Center Tricks

Halloween is a time where people expect tricks and definitely some treats. However, not everyone appreciates the tricks, especially customers calling into a call center. Most people already find call centers stressful enough; BBC News even reported that contacting a call center was found to be more stressful than getting married or going to the dentist. Call center “tricks” just add to that level of stress. Here are some ways that call centers will try and “trick” your customers, along with ways that good call centers leave your customers with nothing but the “treat.”


It’s a sad fact: some call centers will hang up on you, and then blame the “faulty connection” on the ended call. All this ends up doing is making the customer angrier, and when they call again they have to start the whole process of explaining their problem again. Sounds like a hassle, doesn’t it? What this whole issue comes down to is respect. You want a call center like Answer All USA that respects your customers and their time. Because, in the end, your company's customer service reputation may depend on a successful call center experience.

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Quantity vs Quality

There are many issues with call centers and their general idea of “quantity versus quality.” Some will use the excuse of short interaction time, making it hard to be warm and nice. Others will argue that you cannot create a great experience with a customer over the phone. However, good call centers like Answer All USAtranscend that barrier and create an experience customers appreciate. When you cannot be there to consult your customers on their issues with your product or service, you want someone there who feels your customer is important.

Yes, Yes, Yes

Finally, some call centers will promise anything to your angry customers just to get them off the phone. Though this may seem like a good strategy that keeps in line with “the customer is always right,” there are a couple issues with blindly agreeing to anything; the biggest one being that the call center could end up promising a lot of goodies your company cannot deliver on. Good call center people like the ones at Answer All USA will listen to your customers with patience. Though the venting will go on for some times, good call center employees will be able to pick up on what the original problem is and focus on getting it solved. When the real problem is identified, the customer’s anger will trickle away.