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Saturday, October 18, 2014
"Please Hold." How to Handle Long Hold Times
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It is something everyone has gone through. It is an experience that can cause feelings of frustration and anger for you as the customer. It can also make you feel as though your time is being wasted and that the company does not value you.

“Please Hold.”

Those two simple words have become associated with the negativity described above, as well as with an element of uncertainty. The wait time could be anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes, or even more. As we sit and listen to music replay on the phone, we wonder how long we will have to wait, and contemplate whether or not to hang up and try again later. Waiting on hold has become an unavoidable part of life, but you prevent it from getting the best of you by keeping these tips in mind:

Imagine yourself on the other end. The representative on the other end knows how important your phone call is to the company and is doing their best to help you. They may be understaffed, experiencing a high volume of calls, or helping a customer in person, among other possibilities. Try putting yourself in their shoes. Patience and kindness will go a long way.

Give yourself enough time. Avoid calling a company during the last five minutes of your break at work, or calling right before they close. If you expect a quick response in either situation, you are likely to be disappointed.

Be prepared with entertainment. Grab that magazine or newspaper article you have been meaning to read, and turn your wait time into a relaxing experience. It will also make you feel as though you are making good use of your time.