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Saturday, October 11, 2014
3 Tips for Building a Strong and Healthy Team

Sometimes, putting and keeping a team together can be just as stressful as the actual project being worked on. However, here are three ways you can help eliminate issues within your group while also leaving room for growth.

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Keep an Atmosphere in Mind

As you are beginning to create your team, keep in mind the behaviors you want for your group. Do you want people who are more focused on getting items done quickly, or people who are more focused on creativity getting items done? Though it is important to have variety of talents and ideas within your group members, it is just as important to have people with like-minded goals. Creating a culture for your group is the first step to success.

When in Doubt, S.W.O.T. it Out

Just as S.W.O.T. applies to every-day marketing, the concept is applicable to assigning team members to certain tasks. Pick out group member’s strengths while also paying attention to potential weaknesses. Think about what opportunities your group members could bring, but also keep in mind what threats could get in the way of these opportunities. Paying attention and playing off of your group’s natural abilities will only help your whole group be successful.

Always Look for New Talent

Even though you may think your team is perfect as it is, you should always be scouting for new talent. As you develop people in your present team, new opportunities may present themselves and leave you with a spot to fill. If you do not have time to be finding new people, the success of your current team will attract other potential group members.

If you are still questioning your group and how to manage them, take a look at Ruth Blatt’s article “Depeche Mode, Keith Richards And How Teams Can Thrive When They’re Dysfunctional” found on This article will give more advice on how to deal with a current group that may not be in-sync with each other.