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Lawyer Answering Service

Every client is the most important client to a lawyer. Providing each client with the time and professionalism that they require may stretch your bandwidth too far. Hiring a professional answering service to give all of your clients, current and prospective, the care and attention that they need will perfectly compliment your high level of professionalism and efficiency.

attorney answering service

Why Use an Answering Service?

Law is a unique field. Even the individuals answering the phone require a functional knowledge of industry terms, legal vocabulary, or standard protocols. Many of the people calling a law firm already have a complex problem that they are incapable of handling themselves, so they’re seeking professionalism from the start. A professional answering service will quickly become an indispensible part of your law firm, saving you time, transcribing your messages, and keeping your clients happy.

  • We Provide Flexibility. Unlike a receptionist who you pay every two weeks regardless of how much or little work he or she does, we only charge you for the services you use. Slower month? Lower bill! Avoiding fixed costs like a full-time employee can help you and your firm save on overhead.
  • Never Send a Desperate Client to Voice Mail. There’s nothing like receiving a panic-stricken client call in the middle of the night. Unfortunately there is not much a lawyer can often do at 3:00AM to resolve a situation. Instead of leaving your clients distraught, and leaving a message after the beep, hire an answering service to have a real, live, compassionate person answering every call, regardless of the time.
  • 100% Compliant with Data Protection Laws. We take privacy seriously. We understand that the nature of many law offices requires confidentially and directives regarding secure data. Our top-of-the-line technology means that all calls and messages are highly encrypted, and our call takers are specifically trained to handle sensitive information.

Why Choose Us?

Answer All USA understands the nature of law offices. In our 20+ years of experience, we’ve handled thousands of legal calls, and provided a necessary service to firms on a local and national level. Allow us to help you elevate your client service, lower your overhead, and raise your standards. We provide a virtual receptionist to deliver first-class support to you and your clients.