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Answering Services

Answer All USA takes pride in our reputation as the best. We understand how important each phone call is to your business so all of our call representatives are carefully and thoroughly trained. Whether you are a one person operation, or a large corporation, we want to embrace the voice and persona of your brand and your company.

We have clients in a variety of industries because our exceptional dedication to customer care, responsiveness, and attention to detail enables us to handle calls, resolve problems, and close sales better than any competitor in the industry.

If you have questions, feel free to give us a call. We’re happy to help! Answer All USA’s resources allow us to provide boutique-style, custom-designed programs to our clients with the flexibility and technology of a large company. We provide services to a full-range of industries from single-person operations to national corporations. Some of our answering service capabilities include:
answering service

Agent Answering
Commercial Emergency Dispatch
Disaster Back-Up Service
Web Enhanced Applications
Order-Entry/Ecommerce Services
Ad Response
Voice Mail Services

Answer All USA provides a state-of-the-art solution to eliminate the hassle typically associated with on call services. We tailor our software to your needs—from customizing message delivery by users and their preferred device to creating unique escalation procedures across multiple user groups. Our systems offer triple redundancy and all contacts and handled within our secure facilities so you can be sure of 100% quality control. In addition, our healthcare audit process ensures relevant data is HIPAA (Health Information Portability and Accountability Act) compliant and secure. When you partner with Answer All USA, your answering service will be exceptional.
  • Customized to deliver every message according to each user’s preferred device—pager, Blackberry, iPhone, or other smart phone.
  • Provide you the ability to manage, in real-time, updates to schedules, users, contact information, and escalation procedures.
  • Offer detailed documentation of all calls so users can view a history of interactions prior to responding to a contact request.
  • Highly reliable and backed by our 24/7 answering service—including escalation support for your critical path issues.